"Over the years through a process of exploration and experimentation into the creative potential of raw industrial building materials I have developed a very strong style and language in my abstract "process-based" art. I take my inspiration from the architectural and natural landscape surrounding me, from desolate, derelict, decaying constructions but also from the way in which the elemental forces of nature manipulate and transform surfaces, colours and forms. My art is a direct abstraction of nature and the built environment, a 3D vocabulary of all that surrounds me.


It is the unpredictability of working with materials such as these that makes every piece an exciting experiment. Often it is the materials that guide me leading the piece into an entirely different and unpredictable direction, sometimes deviating from my original intention. 


My sculptural paintings incorporate solidified liquid concrete with corroded steel and patinated copper. By encouraging the processes of oxidation and corrosion I have succeeded in creating "living art" - paintings which evolve over time. In doing this I am able to enhance and emphasize the natural characteristics of the materials themselves. Intricate hairline fractures appear, rust grows, colours develop and transform. The outcome of this symbiotic process is therefore a collaboration between nature and myself, a product of my own design and the environment in which it is created. It is through this process that I am able to discover and learn new ways of expression."